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Enthused with ordinary life

“If you put love into each day, each day is different.” This is the advice Opus Dei’s founder gives to those who want to flee from routine and find God in their daily lives (video: 1’53”).

Pray with Saint Josemaría

Holy Mass

Jesus Christ, truly present in the Eucharist: "Lord: I know that you are alive, that you are hidden there by Love". Weekly Video (1’18’’).

Pray with Saint Josemaría

The Splendor of Charity: St. Josemaría’s Legacy

Words from Bishop Javier Echevarría on the fifth anniversary of the canonization of St. Josemaría.

From the Prelate

Decree of Canonization of Saint Josemaría Escrivá

On October 6, 2002, Pope John Paul II canonized Josemaría Escrivá, calling him "the saint of the ordinary" and describing his teachings as "timely and urgent today."


Other documents

Other documents are available at the Saint Josemaría website.


Homily: "Passionately Loving the World"

A 1967 homily by the founder of Opus Dei that encapsulates his teachings, taken from "Conversations with Josemaría Escriva," Scepter, 2002.

Saint Josemaría


Devotion and Favors

The miracle that made the Founder of Opus Dei a saint

The doctors of the Consultation committee have unanimously concluded that the cure indeed was scientifically inexplicable. There has never been a documented case of a cure of radiodermatitis.

Devotion and Favors