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"You will know when He calls you"

Blessing Nina Emmanuel talks about journey to the faith, inspired by her family and the chaplain at her university.

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“I count my joys instead”

Chidinma describes how she found happiness through a friend and a three week internship at Wavecrest Students Hall, Surulere, Lagos.

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Celebrating 10 Years of Service to Society

On 17 September, the Strathmore fraternity gathered to celebrate 10 years of the Macheo Achievement Program and the Financial Aid office. It was a celebration to mark a decade of life-changing financial support, character formation and service to society.

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Workshop on Family Accompaniment

A recent workshop at the International University of Catalonia in Barcelona helped many couples from all over the world to reflect on how to accompany families more effectively in today´s society.

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Praying Amid the Traffic and the Floods

Tracy Fernandes, an executive analyst in finance, works and lives in the crowded city of Mumbai, India. Here she describes how her daily life has changed after getting to know Opus Dei.

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25 Years in Uganda: "I came to cast fire"

Some words written down on a piece of paper by Don Alvaro del Portillo for the late Edith Katama, who helped begin Opus Dei's apostolic work in Uganda.

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"If I were to relive my life, I would do exactly what I did."

Silvano Borruso was one of the first members of Opus Dei that St. Josemaria sent to begin the Work in Kenya. He arrived in September of 1960 and passed away on Saturday 1st January 2022 after a long illness. This is an abridged interview from Strathmore School on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the beginning of Opus Dei.

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Trapped by the Floods in Germany

“Move fast! You’re in danger. Put what you need for three days in a knapsack. We’ll come back for you in a few minutes.” José Santos. a Portuguese doctor, recounts his dramatic experience during the recent floods in Germany.

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In Kenya: Conversion Amid the Pandemic

Njoki, a Cooperator of Opus Dei living in Kenya, talks about helping a friend to become a Catholic amid the ongoing pandemic.

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Good Books for Lent and Holy Week

Here are some suggestions on books to read during Lent and Holy Week. With link to free eBook versions of some of these works.

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