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Restoring a Rundown Parish

A young priest was encountering difficulties in his efforts to restore the run-down parish church in our small town. We prayed to Dora's intercession and within the year, the church was able to reopen.


Only One Bullet Entered

During the recent conflicts taking place in my country, the major part of the fighting has taken place in the city. In the suburbs where violence first broke out, there is a school which provides professional formation for women...


At 1400 Meters Altitude

While hiking a mountain, upon arriving at our destination - 1400 meters altitude - an intense fog settled in, and we could no longer see the trail we needed to follow. We asked another hiker if the fog was supposed to let up.


How Dora del Hoyo Helps Me

People who knew Dora and who worked alongside her talk about how they habitually pray to her intercession.


My New Shoes

I want to write about a small favor that Dora did for me today. A week ago, I bought a pair of shoes. I had only worn the shoes four times before they broke. I decided to entrust the issue to Dora.


Prayer for Dora del Hoyo's Intercession

Many people all over the world seek Dora's intercession to help them in their daily life. Here you will find her prayer card for private devotion. You can learn more about favors received through Dora's intercession in the "Favors" section.

Dora del Hoyo