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Combat, Closeness, Mission (3): Everything is Ours and Everything is God’s

Any sport requires effort, but it brings enjoyment and opens up new possibilities. So it is with the Christian life: in the midst of combat and struggle, we can enjoy being with the Lord, growing and facing new challenges with Him.

Fostering Interior Life

Combat, Closeness, Mission (2): You Make the Path By Walking

For a Christian, Heaven is always just around the corner: life is at once a journey and a destination.

Fostering Interior Life

Combat, Closeness, Mission (1): "Choose Life"

The first chapter of a new series on the path to holiness, an adventure in which it is not only about "giving" but, above all, "receiving."

Fostering Interior Life

February 16, 1932: “Love means deeds – not sweet words”

This divine locution gave rise to n. 933 in ‘The Way’: "There is a story of a soul who, on saying to our Lord in prayer, ‘Jesus, I love you,’ heard this reply from heaven: ‘Love means deeds, not sweet words.’ "Think if you also could deserve this gentle reproach".

Stories from His Life

St. Josemaria Understands You're Human

Video. Annamaria, a nursing student from California, USA, explains why she wants to be a nurse and how reading St. Josemaria's books, especially The Way, Furrow and The Forge, has helped her overcome discouragement in her daily life.


A Life of Prayer

A downloadable audio and pdf version of St Josemaria’s homily “Life of Prayer”, published in the book Friends of God.

Pray with Saint Josemaría

Peace begins with interior struggle

Saint Josemaria says that peace in society starts with each person's stuggle to be a better person. "To have peace in our hearts we have to win our interior struggle, because we are all inclined to sin. We were born like that... And if we don't fight, we will fall and lead a really unhappy life."

Pray with Saint Josemaría