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Saint Josemaria's Devotion to the Holy Cross

For the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross on 14 September, here are some extracts from the book "Memories of Blessed Josemaría Escrivá" by Bishop Javier Echevarria.


Ten Tips for Starting the School Year Well

Some advice from Saint Josemaria on how to get the most out of the upcoming school year.


Saint Josemaria in Nigeria

The adventure of organising a Mass in honour of Saint Josemaria in Abeokuta, Nigeria. This year, over 200 Masses were celebrated in cities and towns around Nigeria.

Devotion and Favors

In DYA: Jesus' "New Commandment"

On August 23, 1932, Saint Josemaria wrote down in his ‘Intimate Notes’ that all the centers of Opus Dei should have a plaque with the words of Jesus' "new commandment": "that you love one another as I have loved you." The first place this was done was the DYA Residence in Madrid.

Stories from His Life

Homily for the Feast of the Assumption

A homily by Saint Josemaria published in "Christ is Passing By," given on the feast of our Lady's Assumption into heaven, 15 August 1961.


Saint Josemaria and Saint James the Apostle

July 25 is the feast of Saint James the Apostle. Here is the story of several trips Saint Josemaria made to Santiago de Compostela, where the Apostle's remains are preserved, including his first pilgrimage there in 1938 during the difficult days of the Spanish civil war.

Stories from His Life

Saint Thomas More as Intercessor of Opus Dei

The feast of Saint Thomas More is celebrated on 22 June. An article by Andrew Hegarty published in "Studia et Documenta," vol. 8 – 2014.

Historical context

Cardinal Ratzinger's Article for Saint Josemaria's Canonization

"Letting God Work," an article by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, then the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, published in "L'Osservatore Romano" on 6 October 2002.


Gathered Together in Unity

For the feast day of Saint Josemaria on June 26, here is a meditation he gave on Holy Thursday, 27 March 1975, eve of the 50th anniversary of his ordination and three months before his death.


"This saint will give us everything we need to draw closer to God"

A recent book about Saint Josemaria, ‘The Cremades Plans’ by Msgr. Javier Cremades (1946-2021), is now available in English and can be downloaded as a free eBook.