Opus Dei piiskop prelaat külastas Slovakkia

Mons Echevarria lühike pastoraalkülastus toimus Bratislavas.

Videod Opus Deist

During these days (18 to 20 May), he met with many families and friends who take part in Opus Dei's apostolic activities.

With the Borovsky family.

The Prelate urged everyone to be optimistic in their apostolate, and to pray for and follow Benedict XVI's indications, while striving to be generous with God in their daily lives. 


Bishop Echevarría reminded people that they should be grateful for all their brothers and sisters in the faith who gave their lives for their faith during the years of the "Iron Curtain."


The stable apostolic work of Opus Dei began in Slovakia in 1996. The Prelate reminded people of the Founder of Opus Dei's insistent prayer over many years for everyone suffering under the yoke of communism.

On Saturday the Prelate visited the bishop of Bratislava, Stanislav Zvolensky, with whom he spoke for almost an hour.