Message of the day

“Don’t let me go”

We should let Jesus know that we are children. And when children are tiny and innocent, what a lot of effort it takes for them to go up one step. They look as though they are wasting their time, but eventually they manage to climb up. Now there is another step. Crawling on their hands and knees, and putting their whole body into it, they score another success one more step. Then they start again. What an effort! There are only a few more steps to go now. But then the toddler stumbles, and whoops! down he...

... goes. With bumps all over and in floods of tears, the poor child sets out and begins to try again. We are just like that, Jesus, when we are on our own. Please take us up in your loving arms, like a big and good Friend of the simple child. Do not leave us until we have reached the top. And then oh then! we will know how to correspond to your Merciful Love, with the daring of young children, telling you, sweet Lord, that after Mary and Joseph, there never has been...

Saint Josemaría Escrivá
"I will never tire of repeating that we have to be contemplative souls in the midst of the world, who try to convert their work into prayer.”
SAINT JOSEMARÍA, Founder of Opus Dei