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Changing Our Floors

Changing Our Floors

​Some time ago, we decided to change part of the floor of the house. When the workers went to collect the new wood we had chosen, they found that the batch that was available had already been sold.


"No one is born a saint, but Dora struggled to be one."

"What I like about Dora is the way that she loved others," says Lucka from the Czech Republic. Lucka is 15 years old and got to know Dora by reading her biography, A Lighted Lamp. "Of course, no one is born a saint, but Dora struggled to be one. In her presence, everyone felt loved and at the same time, she loved each person in a special way, without having preferences. I think that if we were more like her, we would make life more pleasant for others."

"Treat him well for me"

"Treat him well for me"

On 16 October, Pope Francis canonized 7 new saints, including Bishop Manuel Gonzales, a good friend of Saint Josemaria, whose love for the Eucharist inspired point 531 in "The Way."

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Saving the Unborn

Domtila, a supernumerary member of the Prelature with 6 children, has spent the past 25 years running a crisis pregnancy center in Nairobi, Kenya that has saved the lives of many babies.

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Blessed Alvaro Added to Shrine Painting

Blessed Alvaro Added to Shrine Painting

On 2 October 2016, the Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Nichols, blessed a painting of Our Lady of Willesden to which had been added the figure of Bl Alvaro del Portillo following his beatification in September 2014.

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