Telegram from the Pope

Through his Secretary of State, Pope Francis urges those taking part in the conference on Alvaro del Portillo to imitate his "humble, cheerful, hidden and silent life, a life determined to give testimony to the perennial newness of the Gospel."

From the Pope
Opus Dei - Telegram from the Pope

On the occasion of the conference dedicated to the Venerable Bishop Alvaro del Portillo, first Chancellor of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, for the centennial of his birth, the Supreme Pontiff Francis sends his best wishes, with the hope that you will duly highlight the precious example of the life of the faithful follower and first successor of the holy founder of Opus Dei and promoter of this Pontifical University for the service of the Church. He was a zealous priest, who combined an intense spiritual life founded on faithful adhesion to the rock who is Christ, with a generous apostolate as a pilgrim throughout the whole world, following in the footsteps of Saint Josemaria, and worthy of the biblical phrase from the Book of Proverbs: “Vir fidelis multum laudabitur” (Prov 28:20).

His Holiness exhorts you to imitate his humble, cheerful, hidden and silent life, but a life that was also determined to give testimony to the perennial newness of the Gospel, by announcing the universal call to holiness and the furthering through one’s daily work of the salvation of all mankind.

The Holy Father, while asking you to pray for him and for his ministry, invokes the light of the Holy Spirit for a fruitful work of reflection. And he warmly imparts to your excellency the Rector and to the professors his apostolic blessing, including those taking part in the conference and those attending the Pontifical University.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin

Secretary of State for His Holiness