I was in prison and you visited me

I was in prison and you visited me

When Pope Francis declared a Year of Mercy starting in December 2015 it set me thinking about works of mercy. In a meeting with friends to discuss...

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“Love everyone: understanding, excusing, forgiving all”

Loving souls for God's sake will make us love everyone: understanding, excusing, forgiving all. We should have a love that can cover the multitude of failings contrived by human wretchedness. We have to have a wonderful charity, veritatem facientes in caritate, defending the truth, without hurting anyone. (The Forge, 559)

Each day, you will find, as I do, if you examine yourselves courageously in the presence of God, that you have many defects. If we struggle, with God’s help, to get rid of them we needn’t give them too much importance, and we will overcome them even though it may seem that we never manage to uproot them entirely. Furthermore, over and above those weaknesses, if you are really determined to correspond to God’s grace, you will be helping to cure the big shortcomings of others. When you realize...

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