"Untiring in self-giving"

On November 8 in Rome, the Prelate of Opus Dei conferred diaconal ordination on 32 faithful of the Prelature. In his homily he urged them to be "untiring in self-giving, vigilant in prayer, warm and welcoming in service."

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Opus Dei - "Untiring in self-giving"

At the beginning of his homily, the Prelate made reference to the founder of Opus Dei and to Blessed Alvaro. "These thirty two men are receiving today the sacrament of sacred orders, thus continuing a long chain begun by Saint Josemaria in 1944, with Don Alvoro and two other faithful of the Work."

He also cited the Opening Prayer read during the ceremony, which invites everyone to be "untiring in self-giving, vigilant in prayer, warm and welcoming in service."

The gift of self, he said citing Pope Francis, entails offering others the Gospel, "which answers the deepest needs of the human person, since we have all been created for the goal the Gospel sets before us: friendship with Jesus and fraternal love."

Vigilance in prayer requires that "we not be satisfied with praying only from time to time or when we need it." Also when "we are absorbed in work or are resting, we can still continue praying, without words, with the eyes of our heart set on God."

Finally, he invited the deacons and everyone present "to bear one another's burdens." "As Saint Josemaria used to tell us, be diligent in offering a service, done out of love for God and your brothers and sisters, that the others aren't even aware of. If you act in this way, you will see how others will begin to do likewise; and it will be like a great fire that enkindles the world."

After the ceremony, the new deacons and their family members had a brief get-together with Bishop Javier Echevarría. They will be ordained priests on May 9, 2015.

For the names of those ordained and their countries of origin see: 32 New Deacons, from 14 Countries.