Social work in a slum in Nairobi

A number of Spanish schools have been taking part in Harambee scholarship projects.

Social initiatives
Opus Dei - Social work in a slum in Nairobi

Some students of the Viaro School in Barcelona have also joined in the project whose aim is to provide scholarships to African children and young boys and girls. This effort started after some of the school students got to know about the plight of these children. The older students of the school decided to give a hand and as a consequence the school agreed to organize a work camp with one of the beneficiaries of the project, the Eastlands College of Technology that offers vocational training in Nairobi, Kenya.

Soon after sitting their Spanish national university entrance exams, 21 secondary school boys together with 5 university students travelled to Nairobi. They gave a hand in a nearby primary school, an orphanage and the College itself, where they built changing rooms near a future football pitch, which is now in a very rough terrain.

Constructing the changing rooms at the college

These facilities will allow children from a nearby slum to play sports. The slum is called Sinai and has no supply of water or electricity. Sports are a great means to integrate different ethnic groups living in Sinai, as well as to provide a place for entertainment and relaxation away from dangerous activities in the area.