Mary, Mother of the Church

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Mary, Mother of the Church

On May 21st, the Monday after Pentecost, the Church will celebrate for the first time the memorial of Mary, "Mater Eccelsiae." Some texts to help...

Pope Francis' modest goal

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Pope Francis' modest goal

On Monday 9th April the Vatican published an Apostolic Exhortation by Pope Francis on "The Call to Holiness in Today's World". The 46-page document...

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“Mary’s throne, like that of her son, is the Cross”

Marvel at Mary's courage: at the foot of the Cross, with the greatest of human sorrows--there is no sorrow like her sorrow--filled with fortitude. And ask her for that same strength, so that you too can remain beside the Cross. (The Way, 508)

Mary’s throne, like that of her Son, is the Cross. During the rest of her life, until she was taken body and soul into Heaven, what most impresses us about her is her quiet presence. St Luke, who knew her well, describes her as being close to the first disciples, in prayer. This was the way she lived to the end of her days on earth, she who was to be praised by all creatures for all eternity.

What a contrast between Our Lady’s hope and our own impatience! So often we call upon God to...

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