Just Start. Ways of helping others. Collection.

Material from Just Start is suitable for schools, parishes, catechism classes and other activities of Christian formation.


One of the wishes of Pope Francis for the Year of Mercy that has ended is that we Christians should contemplate the mercy of God and adopt it as a life style. To this end, the editorial team of www.opusdei.org and the Argentine production company Digito Identidad came up with the series "Just Start. Ways of helping others", made up of 11 videos published every month, which show specific ways in which people from different parts of the world experience mercy. They feature over 100 people from 12 countries.

A few days after the closing of the Year of Mercy, all the videos of the series with the scripts were put together on one page, with questions for starting a conversation, suggesting for carrying out works of mercy and words from Scripture, Pope Francis and St Josemaria for reflection or personal meditation. The address of the page is http://opusdei.org/en/just-start.