The Harambee Project Chef to Chef 2017 took place in Madrid, Spain, this year within the framework of Madrid Fusión, an International Gastronomy Summit, involving the most important chefs in the world.

Social initiatives
Opus Dei - “CHEF TO CHEF 2017” M. Pilar Cuesta, coordinator of Harambee Spain, with Lynda Kasina, Jackie Otieno, Juan Carlos Mújica, Boni Nita and Raquel Rodríguez.

The Madrid Palace of Congresses Auditorium was the scene for the presentation of this Harambee initiative aimed at obtaining bursaries for the training of young African girls in catering skills within their country and so to attain financial independence and earn a living.

Present at the event from Kenya were Jackie Otieno, Director of Kimlea Technical Training Centre and Lynda Kasina, Director of Kibondeni College. Jackie moved the audience as she told them how the lives of the girls they had sponsored last year have changed. They are now studying and have a future, whereas before they were tea-pickers with no other possibilities.

Kenyans Linda Kasina and Jackie Otieno with Chefs Mario Sandoval and Andrea Tumbarello, Felipe Turel and Paco Patón of Derby Hotels.

Lynda Kasina thanked the chefs for sponsoring girls from Waruku this year. They will be able to fulfil their dream of becoming chefs thanks to the help of the Spanish chefs.

Jackie Otieno, Director of Kimlea, excited the attendees thanking them on behalf of the girls who have already begun to fulfill their dream of being a chef, thanks to the help of Spanish chefs.