"Give us hearts to measure up to Yours!"

"I give you thanks, my Jesus, for your decision to become perfect Man, with a Heart which loved and is most loveable; which loved unto death and suffered; which was filled with joy and sorrow; which delighted in the things of men and showed us the way to Heaven; which subjected itself heroically to duty and acted with mercy; which watched over the poor and the rich and cared for sinners and the just. I give you thanks, my Jesus. Give us hearts to measure up to Yours!" (Furrow, 813)

If you are an apostle, death for you will be a good friend who helps you on your way. (The Way, 735)

And when death comes as it undoubtedly will, we will greet it with joy, as I have seen so many people greet it in the ordinary circumstances of their life. With joy: for if we have imitated Christ in doing good — in obeying and carrying the cross in spite of our personal deficiencies — we will rise like Christ: "for he has truly risen." [Lk 24:34] (Christ is Passing By, 21, 5)

Doing God's work is not just a pretty phrase. It is an invitation to spend ourselves for Love's sake. We have to die to ourselves and be born again to a new life. Jesus Christ obeyed in this way, even unto death on a cross; that is why God exalted him. If we obey God's will, the cross will mean our own resurrection and exaltation. Christ's life will be fulfilled step by step in our own lives. It will be said of us that we have tried to be good children of God, who went about doing good in spite of our weakness and personal shortcomings, no matter how many. (Christ is Passing By, 21, 4)

For 'others', death is a stumbling block, a source of terror. For us, death--Life--is an encouragement and a stimulus.

For them it is the end: for us, the beginning. (The Way, 738)

When you think about death, do not be afraid, in spite of your sins. For he already knows that you love him and what stuff you are made of.

If you seek him, he will welcome you as the father welcomed the prodigal son; but you have to seek him. (Furrow, 880)

You were consoled by the idea that life is to be spent, burned in the service of God. And spending ourselves entirely for him is how we shall be freed from death, which brings us the possession of Life. (Furrow, 883)