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"I'm happy because I paid for it"

Carlos and Marita have given their children everything they need... but not necessarily everything that they ask for. With fatherly and motherly pedagogy, they've shown their children how to be the protagaonists of their own happiness, teaching them to cover their own expenses, to know how to save, to not be carried away by the latest trends, etc. Living counter culturally has produced its fruits: their children take care of their possessions and are grateful for the brothers and sisters they have.

A Whole New Dimension to Life

Liz married at fifty, after thirty years working at the highest levels of state government and at one of the largest technology companies in the world. Through the reality of marrying a widower with adolescents, she met Opus Dei and worked on new aspects of her life.

The Son I Never Dreamed Of

The Son I Never Dreamed Of

Patricia Schroeder, who lives in Uruguay, is a journalist and mother of seven children, one of whom has Down syndrome. When he turned ten, Patricia asked her other children: “What have you learned from Fran?”