Who were Tomás and Paquita Alvira?

Faithful to the spirit of Opus Dei, the couple passed on to their children and to many other people their example of Christian life and marriage, of a “bright and cheerful home,” as St. Josemaria used to say.

Tomás Alvira’s first meeting with St. Josemaría

Tomás Alvira met the Founder of Opus Dei during a very difficult time: the Civil War had just broken out. Tomás would visit the home of an old friend from the Chemistry Faculty of Saragossa, Josémaría Albareda.

Favors "Non-Stop"

When speaking about my devotion to the Alviras and all the favors I have received through their intercession, I don't really know where to begin. They have done so much for me.

The Alviras: Newsletter No. 1

Tomas and Paquita Alvira, whose cause of canonization has been opened, gave effective example of what it means to "educate in unity of life," in accord with Saint Josemaria's teaching.

The Alviras: Newsletter No. 2

Tomás and Paquita are a good example of the impact the spirit of the Work can have not only on family life but also on the running of educational institutions. Unity of life and fostering a family spirit are decisive factors for obtaining good results in the education of children.

"No cancer. No blood transfusion."

Testimony of Rey C. Plata from Marikina City (Philippines) on his wife's cure attributed to the intercession of Tomas and Paquita Alvira.