Solidarity with Lebanon and Venezuela

Given the difficult circumstances that Lebanon and Venezuela are going through now, aggravated by the health crisis, questions have been received on this website from people who want to express their solidarity and help out, also with donations.

Opus Dei - Solidarity with Lebanon and Venezuela

We list below several institutions that have launched assistance programs to meet the urgent needs in each of these countries. These donations also help support some social and educational works organized by Opus Dei faithful along with other people in the respective countries. They offer the guarantee that the donations made will reach their destination. Their respective web pages provide more information about programs and ways to help out.


— The Social Promotion Foundation has launched a program to rebuild churches in Beirut, where after the explosion last September more than 300,000 people have been left homeless. Another program is aimed at rebuilding the Litani Cultural Center, which plays an important role in promoting and empowering women in the Middle East, and which was also seriously affected.

►To make a donation click on this link and use Google translate: Fundación Promoción Social.

— The Italian NGO Istituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria, which has been working in this country for more than 30 years, has opened a campaign to help rebuild the Les Cèdres Cultural Center, which was heavily damaged due to the explosion in the port of Beirut. This center offers cultural, human and spiritual formation activities for men who aspire to live their Christian faith in the midst of the normal occupations of daily life, following the teachings of Saint Josemaría Escrivá.

► If you wish to make a donation, go to this page and indicate that it is for the “Projet Les Cèdres”.

— The American Initiatives for Social Development foundation is working with the Lebanese NGO Promotion et Developpement Social to raise emergency funds to help those who lost their their homes in the recent explosion in Beirut.

► To make a donation, click on the Beirut Emergency Relief page.


— The American Initiatives for Social Development foundation regularly helps Venezuela through the “Venezuela Relief” program, carried out jointly with the Association of Arts and Sciences of Venezuela. The funds are used for food, supplies, scholarships for students and other social and educational needs.

► To make a donation, click on the Venezuela Relief page.

— The Association for Cultural Interchange (ACI), also based in the United States, has opened an aid program that allows donations to be made to the “Instituto Técnico de Adiestramiento para el Trabajo” (ITAT), which provides integral training for young people from the Caracas metropolitan area who have few educational options.

► To make a donation, go to the donations page at The Association for Cultural Interchange (ACI) and indicate it is for the “ITAT Project Caracas.”