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"Aim of Opus Dei"

October 2nd 2013 is the 85th anniversary of the founding of Opus Dei. St. Josemaria speaks about the aim of Opus Dei in this brief video. With photo gallery of sites connected to the founding.

The DVD Presented to Pope Francis

In this documentary presented to Pope Francis by UNIV participants at the March 27 General Audience, young people from Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Chicago, New York and Buenos Aires talk about how the message of Saint Josemaria helps them to live their faith in today's society. With never before seen clips from the preaching of Saint Josemaria. (27 min.)

"Inspired to Love"

With previously unseen footage of St Josemaría, this film offers the story of the “saint of the ordinary” and the Founder of Opus Dei. It also shares the lives of people who have been "inspired to love" through his message