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Enthused with ordinary life

“If you put love into each day, each day is different.” This is the advice Opus Dei’s founder gives to those who want to flee from routine and find God in their daily lives (video: 1’53”).

Working for love

What work is best? “That which is done with the most love for God,” says St. Josemaría in this video where he speaks about work and serving others (1:19).

Holy Mass

Jesus Christ, truly present in the Eucharist: "Lord: I know that you are alive, that you are hidden there by Love". Weekly Video (1’18’’).

Sorrow and joy

God’s will is lovable, even when things go wrong. Video (0’53’’). "See that God at least permits the thing which is bothering you and you will see how the pain will go away", said Saint Josemaria.

Reading the Gospel

We will get to know Jesus if we “live” the Gospel. We offer a weekly video of Saint Josemaría (1'45'').

The Forge

The Forge

This book, a compilation of spiritual annotations of Josemaría Escrivá appearing in 1987, completes the trilogy aimed at facilitating personal prayer that began with The Way and continued with Furrow


VIDEO: A Gift of God

Video on the life of the founder of Opus Dei. Length: 46m. 55s. Download: Real Player (37.9 Mb); Windows Media (43.3 Mb); QuickTime (36.1 Mb).