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From Shanghai to Rome

From Shanghai to Rome

Yiran was born in China, in a city near Shanghai. Reading Scott Hahn's “Rome Sweet Home” gave her the final “push” she needed to decide to be baptized soon.

Faith and Freedom in Vietnam

Faith and Freedom in Vietnam

Four decades after the Communist suppression of the Catholic Church, Xavier Symons travelled with 14 high school boys to Vietnam on a service project. The boys all attend Nairana Study Centre, a centre of Opus Dei in Sydney.

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“Don't let us want to escape his will”

This is the key to open the door and enter the Kingdom of Heaven: qui facit voluntatem Patris mei qui in coelis est, ipse intrabit in regnum coelorum--he who does the will of my Father... he shall enter! (The Way, 754)

“The hidden marvel of the interior life”

Until now you had not understood the message that we Christians bring to the rest of men: the hidden marvel of the interior life. What a wonderful new world you are placing in front of them. (Furrow, 654)

“Take courage, he said, it is myself; do not be afraid”

The Lord's calling - vocation - always presents itself like this: "If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me." Yes: a vocation demands self-denial, sacrifice. But how pleasant that sacrifice turns out to be -- Gaudium cum pace, joy and peace -- if that self-giving is complete. (Furrow, 8)

“Our Lord has crossed our paths”

Self-giving is the first step along the road of sacrifice, joy, love, union with God. And thus, a whole life is filled with a holy madness which makes us encounter happiness where human logic would only see denial, suffering, pain. (Furrow, 2)