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"Mary, Joseph and the child Jesus occupy a special place in our hearts"

"At Christmas our thoughts turn to the different events and circumstances surrounding the birth of the Son of God. As we contemplate the stable in Bethlehem or the home of the holy family in Nazareth, Mary, Joseph and the child Jesus occupy a special place in our hearts. What does the simple, admirable life of the holy family tell us? What can we learn from it?" (Holy Rosary, 3)

“They fell down and worshipped him”

We read in the Gospel that the Magi were filled with great joy, videntes stellam - when they saw the star. They rejoiced, my son, they were immensely glad, because they had done what they were supposed to do, and they rejoiced because they knew for certain they would reach the King who never abandons those who seek him. (The Forge, 239)

“The humility of Jesus: in Bethlehem, in Nazareth, on Calvary…”

The humility of Jesus: in Bethlehem, in Nazareth, on Calvary. But more humiliation and more self-abasement still in the Sacred Host: more than in the stable, more than in Nazareth, more than on the Cross. That is why I must love the Mass so much ('Our' Mass, Jesus...) (The Way, 533)

“Jesus is still looking for shelter”

Jesus was born in a cave in Bethlehem because, Sacred Scripture tells us, ``there was no room for them in the inn.'' I am not departing from theological truth when I say that Jesus is still looking for shelter in your heart. (The Forge, 274)

“He has just been born”

Christmas. The carols sing Venite, venite, ``O come ye, O come ye.'' Let us go to him. He has just been born. After contemplating how Mary and Joseph care for the Child, I now dare to hint to you: Look at him again, gaze at him without ceasing. (The Forge, 549)

“God humbled himself”

In Bethlehem is born our God: Jesus Christ! —There is no room at the inn: He is born in a stable. —And His Mother wraps Him in swaddling clothes and lays Him in a manger. Cold. —Poverty... —I am Joseph’s little servant. —How good Joseph is! —He treats me like a father. —He even forgives me if I take the Child in my arms and spend hour after hour saying sweet and loving things to Him!... And I kiss Him —you kiss Him too! —and I rock Him in my arms, and I sing to Him, and I call Him King, Love, my God, my ...

"Christ tells you and me that he needs us"

Every time Christmas comes around, I love to look at representations of the child Jesus. Statues and pictures which show a God who lowered himself remind me that God is calling us. The Almighty wants us to know that he is defenceless, that he needs men’s help. From the cradle at Bethlehem, Christ tells you and me that he needs us. He urges us to live a christian life to the full — a life of self-sacrifice, work and joy. (Christ is Passing By, 18, 1)

"You must look at the Child in the manger"

"He is our Love. Look at him, realizing that the whole thing is a mystery. We need to accept this mystery on faith and use our faith to explore it very deeply." (Excerpt from the homily: "Christ Triumphs Through Humility" 12-24-1963)