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Lent, part 2

"St. Josemaría's Writings" is now a new section on this web site. The first topic posted in this new section presents some thoughts by St. Josemaría on this holy season of Lent.

"What joy we give to God"

"A spirit of penance keeps us from becoming too attached to the vast imaginative blueprints we have made for our future projects, where we have already foreseen our master strokes and brilliant successes. What joy we give to God when we are happy to lay aside our third-rate painting efforts and let him put in the features and colours of his choice!" (Friends of God, 138)

Ash Wednesday - “Lent: a time of penance”

Coming closer to God means being ready to be converted anew, to change direction again, to listen attentively to his inspirations -- those holy desires he places in our souls -- and to put them into practice. (The Forge, 32)

"The fire of God's love needs to be fed"

"The fire of God's love needs to be fed. It must grow each day, gathering strength in our soul; and a fire is maintained by burning more things. If we don't feed it, it may die.

“A spirit of mortification”

A spirit of mortification, rather than being just an outward show of Love, arises as one of its consequences. If you fail in one of these little proofs, acknowledge that your love for the Love is wavering. (Furrow, 981)

"A great step forward – today, now"

"We cannot regard this Lent as just another liturgical season which has simply happened to come around again. It is a unique time: a divine aid which we should accept. Jesus is passing by and he hopes that we will take a great step forward – today, now." (Christ Is Passing By, 59, 4)