St. Josemaria in Kisii

In February 2013, three gentlemen who used to receive means of formation offered by Opus Dei in Nairobi relocated to Kisii. Two were cooperators of Opus Dei, the third an alumnus of the then Strathmore College. They requested to continue receiving the means of formation in Kisii, if this could be arranged.

Luckily, We Had You Here

Msgr. Robert Lozano (1932-2020), a Mexican, spent more than three decades in Nigeria and was instrumental in preparing a solid foundation for the apostolates of the Work. Msgr. Ignatius G. Sotos sheds light on the personality of Fr. Robert who was recently called to the Lord.

New Video Series: "The Richness of Ordinary Life"

In this series of videos “The Richness of Ordinary Life” Prof. Regina Eya explains how the message of St. Josemaría about seeking holiness in ordinary life can be lived in the family, at work and in social life from the perspective of being a child of God.

Standing for Others in Lagos

Several women attending the means of formation in centres of Opus Dei in Lagos started WiNE (Women in New Evangelization) an initiative that organizes activities for young professionals. They decided to start one to help the less privileged during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Touched by mercy

When Pope Francis declared 2016 to be an extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, we in Strathmore School were both excited and anxious. Excited because a Jubilee Year in itself is a novelty – a once in a lifetime experience.