Friendship without Walls

Zariba Young Professionals held an outreach programme for inmates of a correctional centre in Abuja, Nigeria. We were armed with an empty purse, some good humour and reliance on divine providence to reach our fundraising goal... The fruits were abundant!

My Students, My Pride

A teacher of the Lagoon Institute of Hospitality Studies (LIHS), shares with joy the experiences of her students who, during the holidays, organized culinary sessions in their various communities. These sessions have turned to be impactful both to the students and their communities. LIHS is a hospitality and tourism school in Lagos targeted at equipping young women from low income homes with relevant skills that help them to be economically independent.

Heal the World

A group of university students visited children in the pediatric wards of the Teaching Hospital in Ituku-Ozalla shortly before the lock down.

Iroto Rural Development Centre

Iroto and Abidagba, projects of the Women’s Board - Educational Cooperation Society, a not-for-profit, private organization, are located at Iloti (Ogun State) between Epe and Ijebu-Ode. Since its inception they have carried out numerous programmes and services for the benefit of the local communities.