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The Doorway of Humility

God made Himself small, so that we might become great with the only true greatness: humility of heart. An article by Guillaume Derville on Christian life.

Fostering Interior Life

St. Josemaría, Teacher of Forgiveness (Part 1)

This study published in no. 52 of of the journal ‘Romana’, it focuses on some aspects of St. Josemaría’s teachings on forgiveness and their relevance in fostering a peaceful co-existence. Because of its length, it will be published in two parts. The founder of Opus Dei invites us to rediscover forgiveness and to learn how to love: to love God and, through him, our neighbor, also when we are offended. The words and example of St. Josemaría help us to go deeper into the beauty of forgiveness and to lear


Humility, Source of Joy

Humility is one of the foundation stones of authentic Christian life, because it is the "dwelling place of charity." We offer some reflections on this key Christian virtue.

Fostering Interior Life