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I Came Across Her Prayer Card

I am very impressed with Dora. About three weeks ago, I came across her prayer card in a chapel and I said to myself, "If I feel like I'm 'in a hole' for how bad I feel, then what could be better than to pray to Dora 'del Hoyo' (Spanish for 'of the hole')." I even started to use her name as a password, to remind myself to pray to her.


One Like Us on the Way to Sainthood

I met Dora in 1995, when domestic work was far from my life and even farther from my mind. Dora and I happened to coincide on two occasions in particular in a period of about two months time. This however was enough for me to realize how she was, how she lived, for whom and why she had spent her days giving of herself to the full. There was no need for long explanations to grasp the meaning of her existence. Dora knew the meaning of her life and the path to achieve it to the full.


Discovering the Church

"My husband was baptized Catholic, but had never received any of the other sacraments. None of our four children nor I had ever been baptized."


A Brother & Sister Reconciled

A brother and sister in Australia had not been speaking to each other for a long time. Through their father's praying to the intercession of Dora del Hoyo, the siblings began speaking to each other again.


"Complementarity of Man and Woman"

Full text of Pope Francis' opening address at a colloquium on strengthening the institution of marriage being held in Rome from November 17-19, organized by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

From the Church and the Pope

"Kingdom of God is hidden in the sanctity of daily life"

In his homily at morning Mass on November 13, Pope Francis said that the Kingdom of God is growing silently, in the hidden holiness of families who work and pray and suffer, offering to God their small daily crosses.

From the Church and the Pope

Prayer Vigil for Synod on the Family

On October 4, Pope Francis presided over a prayer vigil for the Synod on the Family, and urged couples to be open to the gift of life.

From the Church and the Pope

Dora: A Woman Who Found Happiness

Giovanna Costarelli met Dora in 1973 and remained in contact with her for more than 20 years. She describes Dora as a woman with a jovial spirit, a happy person. She also talks about how Dora put into practice the teachings of St. Josemaria, the founder of Opus Dei.


Interior Quiet in the Digital Age

Faced with all the "noise" of the new technologies, we need to foster the interior quiet that enables us to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit in our soul. A new article on Christian life.

Fostering Interior Life

Your Main Job: Your Children

God will bless our work if we are generous in dedicating time to our children, says St. Josemaria in this video.

Pray with Saint Josemaría