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"What problems, mom?"

"Everyone can reach God. God is there for everyone, and not just for people with more intelligence or aptitudes." Rosa's eldest child Leyre was born with a congenital malformation and needs to use a wheelchair, while two of her other children are autistic. Her strong faith has given Rosa strength to help her children confront life with joy.

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“Programs like Rosary Makers of America make God smile”

March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day. For this date, the newsletter of the archdiocese of Atlanta approached the offices of Rosary Makers of America, a training program started by Nicholas Kemdi Ihenacho, a doctor who met Opus Dei in Nigeria.

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Vao and Pilar: With God, Every Difficulty Can Be Overcome

“It hit me like a bucket of cold water,” Vao confides. Her daughter Pilar was born with Down Syndrome. And later on her young son drowned in the pool. “But each day I give thanks to God and know my life is worthwhile,” she says with a serene smile.


The Son I Never Dreamed Of

Patricia Schroeder, who lives in Uruguay, is a journalist and mother of seven children, one of whom has Down syndrome. When he turned ten, Patricia asked her other children: “What have you learned from Fran?”

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"My 'super-abled' daughter"

Angela was born in 2003 with Down Syndrome. Her father says that, with faith in God's Providence, confronting this reality brings with it great rewards.

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"The birth of a handicapped child is like a tsunami"

Cosimo's birth was at first a great shock to Stefania. But her newly strengthened faith led her to launch out and help begin work opportunity programs for similarly affected children.

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An Injection of Joy

Luis and Maria decided to adopt Josemaría, a child with Down Syndrome, when they already had seven children in their family. And then Luis was diagnosed with leukemia....

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