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Why Go to Confession?

What is Confession? Why is sin so harmful? What's needed for a good Confession, and why do we ask for forgiveness from a man and not directly from God?

Doctrinal Articles

Because of two friends

Alice Agusto (Hong Kong) is married and has four children. She describes how receiving classes of Christian formation regularly helps her to be a better and happier person: "I can share from experience that there is always something new to learn.I found it very good to keep reviewing, and it has served as good guidance in my life and in decision making."


Behind a smile I found the Truth

Sissi Fatima, from Canton, tells how the happiness she saw in others helped her to come to the Catholic Faith

Personal testimonies

When I was 32 I was converted again

My name is Marco and I first heard of St Josemaria’s message about Christian living just over a year ago. I had stopped practicing my faith more than fifteen years before.


Life becomes simpler when we pray

Zhonghua Wang is from Beijing and studies in Germany. She tells how she comes to be baptized by Pope Benedict XVI in Rome, during the Easter Vigil, 2011.


Lent: Path of Conversion

In his 17 February 2010 general audience, Pope Benedict XVI spoke about the meaning of Lent in Christian life.

From the Church and the Pope