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In Macau: "We learned to adapt as a family"

Monica talks about how she and her family have learned to adapt to pandemic restrictions in Macau, in southern China, and to thank God for all his small daily gifts.

Cooperators of Opus Dei

From Shanghai to Rome

Yiran was born in China, in a city near Shanghai. Reading Scott Hahn's “Rome Sweet Home” gave her the final “push” she needed to decide to be baptized soon.

Personal testimonies

Behind a smile I found the Truth

Sissi Fatima, from Canton, tells how the happiness she saw in others helped her to come to the Catholic Faith

Personal testimonies

Life becomes simpler when we pray

Zhonghua Wang is from Beijing and studies in Germany. She tells how she comes to be baptized by Pope Benedict XVI in Rome, during the Easter Vigil, 2011.


Neil Guo: Chinese student talks about his conversion to Catholicism

Born in China, Neil Guo has recently been granted an engineering degree in Montreal. When he was a student at McGill University, he became friends with a member of Opus Dei and discovered new horizons that have led him to become a Catholic.

Personal testimonies