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St. Paul: Union of Faith and Reason

The Apostle sees his faith as in no way opposed to human reasoning. Thus he is always ready to dialogue with anyone sincerely seeking the truth. A new video in the Year of St. Paul (04’40’’).

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Year of Saint Paul

An article on the Pauline Year that focuses on the life and legacy of the Apostle to the Gentiles, and on the Holy Father's ardent concern to foster unity among all Christians.

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Free to Build the Future

Freedom is not only a right: it entails a responsibility that should lead Christians to get involved in trying to solve the problems in contemporary society. We offer an article that confronts this question in the light of some of St. Josemaria's teachings.

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Saint Paul's Vocation

In this new video in the series on Saint Paul, Prof. Bernardo Estrada speaks about the Apostle's vocation.

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Humility, Source of Joy

Humility is one of the foundation stones of authentic Christian life, because it is the "dwelling place of charity." We offer some reflections on this key Christian virtue.

Fostering Interior Life

Saint Paul and Marriage

Love and respect one another. This was Saint Paul's advice to married people. The theologian Carla Rossi speaks about the Apostle's teachings on matrimony in the second video offered by the Opus Dei website for the Pauline year.

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The Reason for Our Hope

The particular challenge facing Christians is discovering how to present Jesus Christ to people today. This theme is taken up by Dr. Luis Clavell, professor at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome.

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Introduction to the Pauline Year

From June 28, 2008 to June 29, 2009, the Church is celebrating a jubilee year dedicated to Saint Paul, for the two-thousandth anniversary of his birth. Introduction to the Pauline Year (Bishop Javier Echevarría). (Video)

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Saint Paul: To Live in Christ

“Carrying the Cross is a central part of our vocation and of our mission as Christians in the world”, says Fr. John Wauck (Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, School of Church Communications). (Video)

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"Passionately Loving the World", Forty Years On

Forty years ago St. Josemaria celebrated Holy Mass in Pamplona before a large crowd and gave the homily known as "Passionately Loving the World." Professor Antonio Aranda reflects on its significance.

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