Personal testimonies from members and friends of Opus Dei in east Africa.

Personal testimonies

A catechism for Tots "Like most parents our children from an early age asked my husband, Kamau and I deep questions about God, “Who made me, Mummy?" or “Dad, why can't I see God?"

'My First Catechism' seeks to some of these questions.

A short interview with Thomas Mundia

Thomas Mundia, a Kenyan business and family man explains his vocation to Opus Dei.

43 years educating in Kenya

The battle for young hearts and minds not only changes the lives of the students but can also be a rewarding experience for an educator as Silvano Borruso attests

Relentlessly loved: My vocation and journey to Opus Dei. Dr Margaret A. Ogola has many roles. She is a Mother, Author and Pediatrician. She writes about her vocation as a Supernumerary Member of Opus Dei.

3 questions to Grace Kihumba

Grace Kihumba, is a university student in Nairobi Kenya. She is also a Numerary member of Opus Dei.

3 questions to Cathy Yiga

A 25-year-old Ugandan explains her vocation to Opus

I belong to the race of the children of God

Willo Indakuli, an Assistant Numerary in Kenya who met St. Josemaria in 1972 reflects on the encounter and says St. Josemaria's teachings are applicable even today.

Along the way

Fr. Paul Mimbi relates how he discovered his vocation to Opus Dei. He was ordained priest in 1982 and has been teaching Ethics and Theology in Nairobi, Kenya for many years.