3 questions to Grace Kihumba

Grace Kihumba, a Numerary member of Opus Dei, is a university student in Nairobi Kenya.

Tell us something about yourself.

I am currently studying for a degree in Business and information Technology (BBIT) at Strathmore University. I am in my fourth year.

Why did you join Opus Dei?

I was attracted to the idea of not having to leave the world to seek sanctity and that all the usual things I did daily could be offered up to God. I also thought it awesome to give oneself to God while still young. I read a book about Montse, a Numerary member of Opus Dei in Spain, who joined the work when she was 16 years old and passed away 3 years later.  So I realised it was possible to give oneself to God young. When I later discovered that that was what God wanted of me, I said yes. I was afraid but happy at the same time and I have no regrets.

Has being in Opus Dei changed your life in any way?

In the Work we try to emulate the 30 years of Christ’s hidden life. I think that this has opened up for me many possibilities of offering up everything ordinary to obtain graces for myself and for others. There is more than meets the eye in the ordinary things, be it rest or work and everything good can be offered up to God. Of course this demands the effort to ensure everything is well done before it is offered up.

And I don’t think all this applies only to me. I think that there are many people who have learned from the teachings of St. Josemaria what an ordinary Christian’s life ought to be.  

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