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"I have come to cast fire on the earth"

An article about Saint Josemaria's ardent efforts to bring young people closer to Christ back in the 1930s: "Set [young people] ablaze with the fire of Christ... This yes: this I have a vocation for."

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Something Great That Is Love (III): Our true name

Responding to God's plan for our life reveals our true name to us. A new article in the series on vocation.

Fostering Interior Life

"Finding God in my studies and friendships"

Anthony, a graduate student in Montreal, Canada, speaks about how the formation he receives at an Opus Dei center helps him find God in his studies and friendships.

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Conducting the Orchestra of Your Life

Beatrice Venezi is the youngest orchestra conductor in Italy. She learned about the message of Saint Josemaría at a university residence in Milan.

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"So that’s what the Synod was like!"

Kevin de Souza was appointed to the Team of Experts for the recently concluded Synod for young people. He recounts his experiences during the days of the synod.

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Something Great That Is Love (II): What your life could be

"Today, at this very moment, God continues to seek and knock at the door of every person." Second article in a series on discerning one's personal vocation in life.

Fostering Interior Life

Young People and the Synod: Perspectives from Kenya

Vivian Nyambura, a finance student at Strathmore University in Nairobi, speaks about how young people can be helped to discern their vocation in the Church. With input from Archbishop Anthony Muheria of Nyeri, Kenya.

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Youth Speaking Out: "The Church is ours"

Clemente, from Chile, speaks about ways young people can assist the Pope and the Church. Fifth video in the series.

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Something Great That Is Love (I): Jesus comes to meet us

First article in a series on discerning one's personal vocation in life, since God has a plan for each man and woman.

Fostering Interior Life

Rediscovering a Spirit of Childlikeness

With the Synod on Youth taking place, we offer three articles on the Church and young people written by Fr Joseph Evans and published in the "Catholic Universe." This first article was published on Friday 28 September 2018.

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