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Stronger Families: Key to Recovering from the Pandemic

With the year for reflecting on the family set to begin in March, here is an article from the Philippines about the family as the foundation of society and the key to recovering from the pandemic.

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Lockdown with Montse Grases

Raymond, a physics major and a varsity-level chess player, discovered an inspiration for his own life of faith in the story of Montse Grases.


Friends Are Key To Happiness

One of the most thorough studies on human happiness has established scientifically what we know from instinct and common sense: the importance of friends to live a happy life. Saint Josemaria spoke a lot about the importance of personal friendship.

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The Creativity of Love

In a video message for all the faithful just before Holy Week, Pope Francis encouraged us to infuse our actions with "the creativity of love," a quality especially crucial during the current health emergency.

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The "Covid Backliners"

A husband and wife team coordinate an emergency supply chain of food and medical supplies to support their local hospitals and essential services. It all began with a simple question: what can we do to help?

Personal testimonies

“It was my ardent wish to lift my family out of poverty"

Punlaan School is a project of some women of the Prelature of Opus Dei in the Philippines, aimed at helping young women from underprivileged families to acquire the virtues and skills needed to be successful in life.

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By Dint of Little Steps: Walking the Way of St. James

Southridge School in the Philippines organized a Camino de Santiago pilgrimage to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the school's founding.

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Tondo Social Outreach: "Everyone can help"

Young professionals, teachers, students, and families in the Philippines responded generously to Pope Francis' message for the Second World Day of the Poor.

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In the Heart of the Home

The goal of the recent Art of Living Conference in Manila was to help people see "work in the home as a service to their family, which can be professionalized and brought to the level of an art.”

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Alfred Robert Cruz Vergara, on being a priest

Alfred Robert Cruz Vergara, who worked as an architect in the Philippines for several years, will be ordained on May 5, 2018.

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