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Free eBook: “I have called you friends: Friendship, a gift from God to light up the earth”

In the light of a pastoral letter of Mgr Fernando Ocáriz on friendship (November 1, 2019), we offer a free eBook with some texts to invite us to discover and share one of the great treasures that Jesus continues to offer to the apostles of today.

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5 Characteristics of Friendship from Pope Francis

For the feast of the Chair of Saint Peter on 22 February, we offer five characteristics of friendship taken from the writings of Pope Francis during his years as Saint Peter's successor.

From the Church and the Pope


An article from the "Diccionario de San Josemaría." "Friendship – along with filiation – are the key relationships in Christian life, not only with other men and women, but especially with God."


I Have Called You Friends (V): See What Good Friends They Are

A new article in the series on friendship. "Friendship is one of the 'divine paths on earth' that God has opened up by becoming a man, a friend of his friends."

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I Have Called You Friends (IV): Fraternity and Friendship

"Friendship is always freely bestowed; if it is sought to fulfil an obligation or to attain a goal it is never truly authentic."

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I Have Called You Friends (III): A Reciprocal Love

Each of our friendships is an opportunity to discover anew a reflection of the friendship that Christ offers us.

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I Have Called You Friends (II): To Light Up the Earth

The "new commandment" that Jesus entrusted to us at the end of his life teaches us that true friendship is also authentic apostolate.

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I Have Called You Friends (I): Does God Have Friends?

God has always taken the first step in seeking our friendship. By being his friend, we learn how to be good friends of others. A new series on Christian life.

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