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Blessed Alvaro del Portillo Newsletter No. 8 (2021)

Alvaro del Portillo, Saint Josemaria's first successor at the head of Opus Dei, was beatified on 27 September 2014. A newsletter focusing on the central role of friendship and fraternity in his life.


Prayer of Blessed Alvaro to Our Lady of Fatima

Blessed Alvaro del Portillo, whose feast day is celebrated on May 12, made a pilgrimage to Fatima in January 1989 to pray for the Church and the world. Here are the words of the prayer that he read out loud.

Álvaro del Portillo

A Love That Transforms The World

An article by Cardinal Angelo Amato published in "L’Osservatore Romano" on 29 April 2021, for the presentation of a book collecting favors received through the intercession of Blessed Alvaro del Portillo.

Álvaro del Portillo

​Reflections on the Good Samaritan

An article by Ana Marta Gonzalez published in the December 2018 issue of ‘Scripta Theologica’.

Fostering Interior Life

A Nine-month Scholarship. A Master's Degree. A Baby.

Blessed Alvaro del Portillo brought us three favors in a row – and the third was the best. Thank you, Don Alvaro!


Anniversary of Blessed Alvaro's Beatification

Alvaro del Portillo, Saint Josemaria's successor at the head of Opus Dei, was beatified on 27 September 2014 . A brief video with some images from that festive day.

Álvaro del Portillo

Blessed Alvaro: Devotion Around the World

In this documentary, aired on a Kenyan TV station shortly before Don Alvaro del Portillo's beatification in 2014, we see how devotion to him has spread to many countries around the world..

Álvaro del Portillo

Where am I? (איפה אני?)

Fr. Geraldo Morujão (Portugal) had a cardiac arrest in a swimming pool when visiting the Holy Land in 2013 and was pronounced clinically dead. He attributes his recovery to Blessed Alvaro del Portillo's intercession.


Letter from the Prelate (10 September 2020)

This 15th of September will mark 45 years since the election of Blessed Alvaro as Saint Josemaria’s first successor. Monsignor Ocáriz encourages us to see him as an example of fidelity to the spirit of Opus Dei.

Pastoral Letters and Messages

Webcam: Pray by Blessed Alvaro's Tomb

May 12th is the liturgical feast day of Blessed Alvaro del Portillo. On Tuesday, from 6 pm to 8 pm Rome time (GMT+2), a webcam will offer live streaming of Blessed Alvaro's tomb, in the crypt of the prelatic church of Our Lady of Peace.