"In him we see Christ”

“Love for the Roman Pontiff must be in us a delightful passion, for in him we see Christ.” (St. Josemaría, In Love with the Church, n.13)

The Way

Thank you, my God, for that love for the Pope you have placed in my heart. (#573)

Catholic, apostolic, Roman! I want you to be very Roman. And to be anxious to make your 'path to Rome', videre Petrum – to see Peter. (#520) Furrow

I thought the comment on loyalty you had written to me was very appropriate to all those moments in history which the devil makes it his business to repeat: “I carry with me every day in my heart, in my mind and on my lips, an aspiration: Rome." (#344)

Every day you must grow in loyalty towards the Church, the Pope and the Holy See ... with a love that should be always more theological. (#353) The Forge

Welcome the Pope's words with a religious, humble, internal and effective acceptance. And pass them on. (#133)

Your deepest love, your greatest esteem, your most heartfelt veneration, your most complete obedience and your warmest affection have also to be shown towards the Vicar of Christ on earth, towards the Pope.

We Catholics should consider that after God and the most Holy Virgin, our Mother, the Holy Father comes next in the hierarchy of love and authority. (#135)

May the daily consideration of the heavy burden which weighs upon the Pope and the bishops move you to venerate and love them with real affection, and to help them with your prayers. (#136)

Faithfulness to the Pope includes a clear and definite duty: that of knowing his thought, which he tells us in Encyclicals or other documents. We have to do our part to help all Catholics pay attention to the teaching of the Holy Father, and bring their everyday behavior into line with it. (#633)

Our Holy Mother the Church, in a magnificent outpouring of love, is scattering the seed of the Gospel throughout the world; from Rome to the outposts of the earth.

As you help in this work of expansion throughout the whole world, bring those in the outposts to the Pope, so that the earth may be one flock and one Shepherd: one apostolate! (#638)

Offer your prayer, your atonement, and your action for this end: ut sint unum! – that all of us Christians may share one will, one heart, one spirit. This is so that omnes cum Petro ad Iesum per Mariam – that we may all go to Jesus, closely united to the Pope, through Mary. (#647) Christ is Passing By

Mary continually builds the Church and keeps it together. It is difficult to have devotion to our Lady and not feel closer to the other members of the mystical body and more united to its visible head, the pope. That's why I like to repeat: All with Peter to Jesus through Mary! By seeing ourselves as part of the Church and united to our brothers in the faith, we understand more deeply that we are brothers of all mankind, for the Church has been sent to all the peoples of the earth. (#139, homily given on May 4, 1957) Conversations with Mons. Escrivá de Balaguer Question: You established your residence in Rome in 1946. What is there about the Pontiffs with whom you have dealt that stands out in your memory?

For me, in the hierarchy of love, the Pope comes right after the Most Holy Trinity and our Mother the Virgin. I cannot forget that it was his Holiness Pius XII who approved Opus Dei at a time when some people considered our spirituality a heresy. Nor can I forget that the first words of kindness and affection I received in Rome in 1946 came from the then Monsignor Montini (Later Pope Paul VI). The affable and paternal charm of John XXIII, every time I had occasion to visit him, remains engraved in my memory. Once I told him In our Work all men, Catholics or not, have always been lovingly received. It is not from your Holiness that I learned ecumenism. And Pope John laughed with obvious emotion.

What more can I tell you? The Roman Pontiffs, all of them, have always had understanding and affection for Opus Dei. (#46) In Love with the Church

The Catholic Church is roman. I savor that word, roman! I feel completely roman, since roman means universal, catholic. For it leads me to love tenderly the Pope, il dolce Cristo in terra, as Saint Catherine of Siena, whom I count as a most beloved friend, liked to repeat.

We help to make that apostolic continuity more evident in the eyes of all men by demonstrating with exquisite fidelity our union with the Pope, which is union with Peter. Love for the Roman Pontiff must be in us a delightful passion, for in him we see Christ. If we deal with the Lord in prayer, we will go forward with a clear gaze that will permit us to perceive the action of the Holy Spirit, even in the face of events we do not understand or which produce sighs or sorrow. (Homily given on June 4, 1972 – Second Sunday after Pentecost)