"Be faithful in the service of God"

"When I ask you always to be faithful in the service of God and souls, it is not an easy enthusiasm I am looking for. It is the enthusiasm you can acquire in the world when you see how much there is to be done everywhere." (Furrow, 298)

I like the motto: "Let each wayfarer follow his way," the road God has marked out for him, to be followed faithfully, lovingly, even though it is hard. Furrow, 231

Your steadfastness in faith, purity and the way God has marked out for you is the measure of your happiness on earth. Furrow, 84

Allow me to give you a piece of advice. If ever you lose the clear light, always turn to the good shepherd. And who is the good shepherd? "He who enters by the door" of faithfulness to the Church’s doctrine and does not act like the hireling "who sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees"; whereupon "the wolf snatches them and scatters them." Reflect on these divine words, which are not said in vain, and on the insistence of Christ who so affectionately speaks of shepherds and sheep, of sheepfold and flock, as a practical proof of the need that our soul has of good guidance. Christ is Passing By, 34, 3

Cheer up! Not least when the going gets hard. Doesn't it make you happy to think that your faithfulness to your Christian commitments depends to a large extent on you?

Be full of joy and freely renew your decision: "Lord, I want it too. Count on the little I have to offer." The Forge, 361

You want to know on what our faithfulness is founded?

I would say, in broad outline, that it is based on loving God, which makes us overcome all kinds of obstacles: selfishness, pride, tiredness, impatience...

A man in love tramples on his own self. He is aware that even when he is loving with all his soul, he isn't yet loving enough. The Forge, 532

Faithfulness to the Pope includes a clear and definite duty: that of knowing his thought, which he tells us in Encyclicals or other documents. We have to do our part to help all Catholics pay attention to the teaching of the Holy Father, and bring their everyday behavior into line with it. The Forge, 633

The experience of our weakness and of our failings, the painful realization of the smallness and meanness of some who call themselves Christians, the apparent failure or aimlessness of some works of apostolate, all these things which bring home to us the reality of sin and human limitation, can still be a trial of our faith. Temptation and doubt can lead us to ask: where are the strength and the power of God? When that happens we have to react by practising the virtue of hope with greater purity and forcefulness, and striving to be more faithful. Christ is Passing By, 128, 4

You have seen very clearly that you are a child of God. Even if you were never again to see it -- it won't happen! -- you should continue along your way forever, out of a sense of faithfulness, without ever looking back. The Forge, 420

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