"Forget about yourself"

"Forget about yourself. May your ambition be to live for your brothers alone, for souls, for the Church; in one word, for God." (Furrow, 630)

When you have finished your work, do your brother's, helping him, for Christ's sake, so tactfully and so naturally that no one - not even he - will realize that you are doing more than what in justice you ought.

This, indeed, is virtue befitting a son of God! (The Way, 440)

May you know how to put yourself out cheerfully, discreetly and generously each day, serving others and making their lives more pleasant.

To act in this way is to practice the true charity of Jesus Christ. (The Forge, 150)

Do you think people are grateful for services rendered only reluctantly? Evidently not. You might even say it would have been better not to have bothered.

And yet you think you can serve God with sour looks? No you can't! You have to serve him cheerfully, in spite of your wretchedness, which we will be able to get rid of with God's grace. (The Forge, 308)

Your charity should be likeable. Without neglecting prudence and naturalness, try to have a smile on your lips for everyone at all times, though you may be weeping inside. The service you give to others should be unstinting too. (The Forge, 699)

There are two ways of reaching the top: one - the Christian way - by the noble and gallant effort of serving others; the other - the pagan way - by the mean and ignoble effort of dragging down your neighbor. (Furrow, 623)

In the middle of the rejoicing at the feast in Cana, only Mary notices that they are short of wine. A soul will notice even the smallest details of service if, like her, it is alive with a passion for helping its neighbor, for God. (Furrow, 631)

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