October Leaflet for "iPray with the Gospel"

The October Leaflet is now available for "iPray with the Gospel," a new resource to help young people grow in their prayer life.

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Fr George Boronat is a priest of Opus Dei and chaplain of Kelston Club and The Cedars School in London. He decided to produce "iPray with the Gospel" to help young people learn how to pray. Many people, of all ages, are finding it helpful.

“This little booklet" he writes, “is designed to help you strengthen your friendship with Christ by using his Gospel, which is the best book for prayer. By following him, his life, his words, his actions, you will fall in love with him. You learn to walk by walking, to speak by speaking, and to pray... by praying. Have a daily time to chat with God and you will be closer to him each day. He wants you to be his intimate friend. He wants you to become a saint. If you have this personal relationship with him through prayer, then you will also be able to bring other people closer to him, and they in turn will discover the joy of friendship with Jesus and the call to holiness."