Free APP for Alvaro del Portillo’s Beatification in iOS and Android

A brief biography of his life, texts and hymns for the ceremony on September 27 in Madrid, transport information and maps of Madrid, GPS-marked sites related to his life, are some of the features of this new free App available in English.


The application provides up-to-date information about the ceremonies for the beatification (Madrid, 27 and 28 September) and the acts afterwards in Rome, plus suggestions on how to get there, sign up or help out. It also has the texts and hymns for the ceremonies, maps on how to get around Madrid, as well as recent news that is relevant.

The app also offers a brief biography of his life, testimonies from people who knew Saint Josemaria’s first successor at the head of Opus Dei, and a gallery of photos that can be downloaded. It also has a section for downloading documents and places marked by GPS related to the life of the soon-to-be blessed.

Designed for both smartphones and tablets, all the app’s functions are offered in Spanish and English, with downloads in other idioms. It has the prayer for private devotion, in text and audio, along with audio archives to practice the hymns for the ceremony.