Closing of Jubilee Year in Our Lady of Peace

On November 13 in Rome, the Holy Door in the prelatic church of our Lady of Peace, which has been open during the Jubilee Year of Mercy, was closed by the Prelate.

From the Prelate
Opus Dei - Closing of Jubilee Year in Our Lady of Peace

As in other places throughout the world, on Sunday November 13, a Mass was held in the prelatic church of Our Lady of Peace in Rome to close the Jubilee Year of Mercy. Below are some extracts from Bishop Javier Echevarria’s homily.

“The parable of the prodigal son, which Saint Josemaria so often remarked on, perfectly expresses the Father’s mercy. We need to look at this father who waits outside his house each morning to watch for his son’s return. The moment he catches sight of him, he runs to cover him in kisses.”

Throughout this year, the Prelate continued, “our Lord has helped us see where we need to improve. We’ve come to understand that mercy is not only compassion, but love, a love that is shown in service.”

“What have I done in this year of mercy? Have I served those in my family? Have I helped my colleagues at work? Have I forgiven my friends? Imagine the look of the father when he catches sight of the prodigal son. With that same look—filled with joy, understanding, affection—we need to look at the others.”

“Let us fill the streets with God’s love,” he concluded. "When you make your way through the city, pray for the people you see, also for those you don’t know. This attitude will help us to be ready, in every circumstance, to serve others better. And our Lady, who looked at her Son dying on the Cross, will teach us to be merciful with others.”