"The Church's Universality"

Eelis Nguyen, a convert from Buddhism, lives and works in Helsinki. He says that he is looking forward to going to the beatification of Alvaro del Portillo because it is "a great feast for the Church."

Opus Dei - "The Church's Universality"

“My name is Eelis Nguyen. I’m 29 and studied political science. I’m Finnish, but my parents are from Vietnam. I live in Helsinki and work in a management consulting firm. I became a Catholic 6 years ago. My parents are Buddhist, but they’re very happy about my conversion, since they see how happy I am.

I’m going to the beatification because it’s a great feast for the Church and an opportunity to see and experience its universality. Being with people from so many different countries who share in the same spiritual ideals is something very moving for me.

In getting to know about Don Alvaro’s life, I was struck by how he forgot about himself and began again each day. I see that you can live this in any area of your life: in your work, your hobbies, your relationship with friends and family members, and your relationship with God.

I pray a lot to Don Alvaro. I ask him for both big favors and small ones, and I’ve sensed his help. I asked him to help me find work and I now have a steady job, something not easy to find being a recent graduate. I also asked him to help me find a fiancé who shares my values and he came through for me.”